Ten hydrogen cars delivered to the European Parliament


In order to make its fleets emission-free, the automobile rental business Athlon is sending 10 hydrogen cars to the European Parliament.

The European Parliament has added 10 hydrogen cars to its corporate fleet, per the European hydrogen policy. After all, hydrogen has the potential to play a significant part in the energy revolution and, as a result, in the essential greening of fleets. The European Parliament is collaborating with mobility provider Athlon Belgium from Machelen on the leasing contract for the ten Hyundai Nexos, which is taking the first step in hydrogen mobility.

“All new commercial cars must be emission-free by 2026,” says Els Descamps, Athlon Belgium’s commercial director. “As a result, the greening of vehicle fleets is at the heart of our strategy.” In the framework of this greening, hydrogen as a propulsion system is a promising technology that is projected to play a large role in the fleet market. We are delighted with the European Parliament’s order to welcome these hydrogen cars into our fleet. Because the technology is still new, this is a great chance for us to encourage the greening of our fleets with this sort of drive while also gaining experience for other customers who wish to make the same choice.”

The European Parliament is concentrating on mobility powered by hydrogen

The ten Hyundai Nexos are the most recent generation of hydrogen automobiles, and they join the European Parliament’s fleet of ten plug-in hydrogen vehicles from the first generation.

“By 2024, our ambitious environmental strategy envisions an entirely zero-emission passenger transport fleet,” says Armin Machmer, Director of Logistics at the European Parliament. To accomplish this deadline, every potential fuel technology must be aggressively used. Because it gives a much longer driving range than batteries in combination with quick refilling sessions, hydrogen, which is increasingly generated from renewable energy sources, is considered as a crucial role in future road transport, in addition to electric mobility.”

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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