Ten hydrogen refueling stations for Germany and Denmark

The infrastructure for recharging hydrogen for road traffic has expanded. The first ten hydrogen filling stations that JET H2 Energy will build will be located in Germany and Denmark.

The filling stations will provide gaseous, green hydrogen at 350 and 700 bar for cars, light and large commercial vehicles, and buses. The initial orders have been placed, and preparations are being made to begin construction so that the stations can start operating no later than the spring of 2024.

The majority of the stations will be brand-new construction, although some will be additions to already-existing traditional JET filling stations. 100% green hydrogen is what JET H2 Energy offers.

The German business Maximator Hydrogen, which produces its hydrogen filling station equipment in Nordhausen, Thuringia, provides the technology for the ten proposed filling stations. A framework agreement for their collaboration has been signed by both corporations.

JET H2 Energy’s CEO, Olaf Borbor, stated: “We are pleased that the installation of hydrogen ecosystems in Germany, Denmark, and Austria has accomplished the following significant milestone. Throughout the coming years, we will be able to grow fast and profitably thanks to our relationship with Maximator Hydrogen.

Due to the company’s many years of experience with high-pressure technology and its capacity to deliver cutting-edge, high-performance filling station equipment, Maximator Hydrogen was selected as the dependable partner.

Co-founder of Maximator Hydrogen, RenĂ© Himmelstein: “For us, our partnership with JET H2 Energy is the continuation of a long-standing, mutually beneficial relationship. We have a strong desire to actively contribute to the transition to low-emission transportation routes by providing a solid infrastructure.

Essential to reversing climate change

For sustainable, CO2-neutral road traffic and the achievement of the Paris Agreement climate goals, a critical prerequisite is the national expansion of the infrastructure for green hydrogen filling stations. JET H2 Energy intends to construct 250 open-air hydrogen refueling stations in Germany, Austria, and Denmark altogether.

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