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Tesvolt inks its largest deal in history with Schaper Group for green hydrogen


Tesvolt, a maker of battery storage systems, and the Schaper Group are collaborating on a number of “green hydrogen” projects.

For Wittenberg-based Tesvolt, this is the largest deal in its history, with revenues of roughly EUR 40 million expected by 2023. A 40-megawatt-hour (MWh) Tesvolt energy storage system is being installed by the Schaper Group for hydrogen pioneer Apex Group. When solar or wind systems are unable to provide enough energy, the intelligent battery storage solutions provide hydrogen electrolysers with a stable power source.

“We want to enable climate-neutral production for commercial and industrial companies. And for this the Schaper Group is exactly the right partner,” explains Daniel Hannemann, founder and Commercial Director at Tesvolt. “In its projects for the hydrogen pioneer Apex, Schaper has demonstrated that energy supply using only renewables is possible.”

Apex provides heat and electricity to industrial enterprises all over the world, and the hydrogen used in both is 100% emission-free. Hydrogen is produced in an electrolyser by burning renewable-source power. Tesvolt’s high-performance electricity storage systems from temporary storage give green surplus energy to the electrolyzer if solar and wind energy systems are unable to produce the appropriate amount of power volume.

The Schaper Group plans and implements high-level control technology and energy integration for the hydrogen production plants. In its projects for Apex, Schaper relies exclusively on the intelligent battery storage systems from Tesvolt, which have already received a number of innovation awards.

“It is the efficiency and service life of Tesvolt’s energy storage systems which particularly stand out in comparison with other manufacturers,” explains Hermann Huss, Owner and Managing Director of the Schaper Group. “We have been working with Tesvolt on various projects for almost three years now and we are impressed by the quality of Tesvolt battery storage systems. Together we want to develop further green energy solutions for manufacturing companies in the future.”

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