The Brazilian Government published a National Hydrogen Program

The National Hydrogen Program (PNH2) and the initiative’s governance structure were established by a resolution that the federal government published in the Official Gazette of the Union.

A Management Committee made up of various organizations and bodies, including the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the National Electric Energy Agency, the National Petroleum Agency, and the Energy Research, among others, will be in charge of coordinating and supervising the planning and execution of activities.

Six axes should be used to construct the National Hydrogen Program: enhancing the scientific and technological foundations; training human resources; planning for energy; legal and regulatory-normative framework; market openness and growth and competitiveness; and international collaboration.

Throughout its entire energy cycle, the use of hydrogen as an energy vector still faces substantial scientific and commercial obstacles (production, transport, storage, and consumption). This necessitates a methodical examination of market and industry growth. In line with the other sources of our energy matrix, the strategic direction is to establish a hydrogen economy in Brazil, according to a statement from the Ministry of Mines and Energy.