The Netherlands: €30M for green hydrogen demonstration projects

The Hydrogen and Green Chemistry subject will be the new focus of the Demonstration Energy and Climate Innovation (DEI+) initiative. For this, €30 million is available. The promotion is valid till January 10, 2023. The order of arrival and service.

Innovative demonstration projects in the areas of hydrogen generation, hydrogen transport and storage, and hydrogen application are eligible for sponsorship.

Climate and energy minister Rob Jetten: “In order to scale up hydrogen uses, this is a crucial step. This is the first subsidy program that aids in scaling up hydrogen and green chemistry demonstration projects. The R&D team will then get lessons learned from these initiatives. By doing this, we ensure that there is a solid foundation for hydrogen initiatives at scale. program of GroenkrachtNL.”

The National Growth Fund’s “Green Capital of the Dutch Economy” program includes this initiative ( Green Power NL ). By encouraging innovation and lowering costs, this initiative aims to hasten the production, storage, transport, and use of green hydrogen. GroenkrachtNL achieves this by relying on three pillars:

  • scaling up: the execution of large-scale hydrogen initiatives;
  • Coordination of research and innovation in research and development;
  • Labor capacity and expertise are developed through retraining and training.

The government has allocated a total of 600 million euros for the first pillar. 100 million euros were allocated for small-scale experimental and demonstration projects in the National Growth Fund’s first phase. The government made 500 million euros available for the considerable scaling up of green hydrogen and green chemistry in the second phase, which was announced in April. The first pillar, which has a budget of roughly 30 million euros, gets underway with the launch of the DEI+ topic Hydrogen and Green Chemistry.