Grimm foresees new reliances with green hydrogen

German dependence on foreign green hydrogen is warned by economist Grimm.

Members of the Federal Government’s Advisory Council for Economic Development include economists, including Grimm.

Avoiding new dependencies is crucial for climate neutrality. In 20 years, you’d be dependant on other autocracies if you let price determine. Grimm advises trading with Australia, Namibia, Canada, and Chile. These conditions would produce green hydrogen.

Federal Economics Minister Habeck discussed hydrogen in Namibia. Japan and Canada will collaborate. Arab nations seek hydrogen production also.

Nikola hydrogen trucks satisfy emissions regulations in California

According to Nikola Corp., its hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) have cleared a significant obstacle, enabling it to apply to the state of California for eligibility so that their Tre FCEV can be approved for voucher incentives there.

According to the business, the California Air Resources Board issued a Zero Emission Powertrain (ZEP) executive order for the truck. This indicates that the car satisfies the emissions regulations necessary for California to allow the sale of zero-emission powertrains.

Additionally, in order to participate in the state’s Hybrid and Zero Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project, which offers incentives to assist lower the overall prices for advanced commercial vehicles in California, the executive order is a must. The base incentive amount requested by Nikola is $240,000 per FCEV truck.

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