Study of Hyflexpower first phase complete

An innovative study into renewable energy called Hyflexpower has successfully completed its first phase, according to the Hyflexpower collaboration and Smurfit Kappa.

Particularly the so-called green hydrogen, hydrogen has recently emerged as the greatest hope of the energy revolution and a crucial component in the decarbonization of the earth. Hyflexpower is a cutting-edge method of producing hydrogen from natural gas that has recently come to light.

Even if hydrogen may be essential for reducing CO2 emissions in the future, how it is created is crucial for us to be able to discuss clean energy. The most prevalent chemical element on Earth, hydrogen, makes up 75% of all matter, as we have already mentioned to you on prior occasions.

However, since hydrogen is always in contact with other chemical elements, such as oxygen, which produces water, or carbon, which creates organic compounds, it cannot be obtained in its pure form. Therefore, you must make it; whether it has zero emissions or not will depend on how you obtain it.

ADI Mechatronics and Mavtech join forces on fuel cell tech

For the purpose of industrializing fuel cell technology for use in electronic drive applications, Mavtech Technologies has teamed with the South African business ADI Mechatronics.

The two businesses have agreed to work together to develop hydrogen fuel cells, which Mavtech Technologies will manufacture, to be used to power electric vehicles.

Quebec Silica Resources plans green hydrogen research

In cooperation with the Government of Quebec and the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS), Québec Silica Resources intends to conduct a thorough geoscientific investigation on hydrogen and helium energy.

By permitting cooperative work to be done in Témiscaminque and other areas within the province of Québec, QTZ will cooperate scientifically on the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies (FQRNT) and la ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles (MERN) mines research project.

This partnership will help the government’s green hydrogen and bioenergy strategy to lessen reliance on fossil fuels in important industries and ultimately advance the 2050 goal for a worldwide energy transformation. Following suit, QTZ intends to increase its involvement in the field of renewable energy while perhaps setting the bar for hydrogen discovery in the province of Quebec.

AmmPower named private sector partners in the Port of Corpus Christi HCH2

AmmPower has been listed as one of the private sector participants in the Horizons Clean Hydrogen Hub of the Port of Corpus Christi Authority (HCH2).

The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Clean Energy Demonstration has encouraged 33 (out of 79) clean hydrogen hub concepts to submit a complete Hub proposal, including the Port of Corpus Christi Authority’s HCH2.

AmmPower’s job as a Hub team member would be to construct and run factories that produce green ammonia and green hydrogen.

Extremadura aims to become most competitive region in green hydrogen

A decree-law designating the manufacturing of hydrogen in Extremadura from electricity generated by solitary renewable energy generation facilities has been authorized by the Governing Council.

Thus, the goal of this text is to speed up the deployment of renewable gas projects in the autonomous community, notably renewable hydrogen, which will involve substituting renewable gases for fossil fuels.

The person in charge emphasized that the “fundamental element” for luring investment to Extremadura is having “affordable energy costs,” which is why we want to go “one step further” and be the “most competitive community” in putting green hydrogen into operation as a renewable energy source. The press conference was held in Mérida following the regular meeting of the Governing Council.

The spokesman emphasized that this decree-law is aimed to accelerate the deployment of renewable gas projects in Extremadura, particularly renewable hydrogen, which will need a switch from the use of fossil fuels to the consumption of gases with a renewable source.

EH Group opens innovation lab in India

Following India’s recent promises to a green hydrogen policy, EH Group opened an innovation lab there to research fuel cell technologies.

The lab, located at the IITM Research Park in Chennai, India, was established by its subsidiary EH Group Systems with the goal of accelerating the development of the company’s fuel cell product, with a primary focus on its proprietary control systems software.

Anand Vasappanavara, Principal Control/Automation Engineer, who joined EH Group in 2019 and has experience designing fuel cell system control development programs at large OEMs, will oversee the facility.

H2 MOBILITY unveils new hydrogen refueling station in Berlin

H2 MOBILITY Germany unveiled a brand-new hydrogen refueling station in Berlin, Germany, at a Shell gas station on Tempelhofer Weg 102.

The station, which was inaugurated in the presence of German Federal Transport Minister Dr. Volker Wissing, will now provide fuel for hydrogen-powered pickup trucks, garbage trucks, autos, and light commercial vehicles.

The station, which H2 MOBILITY claims is one of the “most efficient” in Europe and provides over 850kg of hydrogen each day, will help the German capital’s transition to hydrogen-powered transportation.

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