Opening of hydrogen power generation bidding market in first half of the year

The Korea Power Exchange will begin its hydrogen power generation bidding market in the first half of this year.

On the 25th, the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy reported that after the hydrogen law was changed in June 2022, sub-statutes are being prepared smoothly and that it plans to create a hydrogen power generation market in the first half of this year. Six months following the Hydrogen Act revision, the Enforcement Decree and Enforcement Rules were revised in December 2022.

Hydrogen and ammonia power generation is expected to rise to 47.4 TWh in 2036 as fuel supply infrastructure expands. The Ministry of Industry wants to supply and promote fuel cells to optimize their dispersed power source benefits.

Fuel cells have advantages including low noise and NOx/SOx emissions, modest power generation capacity, and site flexibility. Most fuel cells employ LNG-reformed gray hydrogen, which emits CO2 like LNG power generation. Thus, putting fuel cells near demand centers in the city center will optimize its advantages as a dispersed power source and induce distribution in a way that reduces transmission and distribution network strain.

When large-scale fuel cells are installed in coastal areas far from demand sources, such as existing coal power plants, the cost of power generation is high compared to turbine power generation, and the power system and transmission and distribution network are burdened, so the advantages of fuel cells cannot be used. To boost private investment and rejuvenate the hydrogen ecosystem, the Ministry of Industry will actively promote R&D, demonstration, and pilot projects in each production-distribution-utilization sector.

Stellantis prepared to deploy hydrogen vans in UK

Recently, Stellantis announced that their hydrogen vans were prepared for use in the UK. By April, the firm will start testing the first models in collaboration with British businesses.

The Franco-Italian-American group has already introduced its first fuel cell LCVs (light utility vehicles) into circulation in Europe through its Citron, Opel, and Peugeot brands. He now intends to use this strategy in the UK, most likely by promoting Vauxhall, the country’s version of Opel.

Less than fifteen public stations, the most of which are in the south-east of the country, allow the refueling of hydrogen-powered vehicles at this time in the United Kingdom.

But the group’s head thinks they are ready for this new market.

Atawey expanding across Europe

Atawey wants to grow in Europe with plans to soon establish a presence in Madrid and manufacture hydrogen charging stations from electrolysers.

Thus, a few dozen stations should start operating in Spain in the following years, with the first one starting in 2024. In addition to commercial deployment planned for Italy and Germany, another antenna will be installed in the Benelux in 2023.

Atawey also announces the raising of $25 million in finance. Atawey has already deployed 23 stations in France, representing a 40% market share in the industry.

JLEN enters green hydrogen market

JLEN, a fund for environmental infrastructure, has acquired a 33% equity position in Foresight Hydrogen for up to €5.7 million, marking its first investment in the green hydrogen market.

FH owns a 75% share in HH2E Werk Thierbach, a special purpose entity that is in charge of developing the Thierbach green hydrogen project in the German town of Borna, which has the capacity to produce about 6,000 tonnes of green hydrogen annually.

Through electrolysis using renewable electricity, green hydrogen will be created. Battery storage will also be incorporated into the project.

Delegation from Jersey to examine hydrogen-powered aircraft

In an effort to decarbonize aviation in the Channel Islands, hydrogen-powered flight technology—which might result in zero-emission aircraft by 2025—will be demonstrated to a delegation of Jersey stakeholders this week.

Today, representatives from the Ports of Jersey, Blue Islands, Jersey Electricity, ATF Fuels, the office of the director of civil aviation, the government, and Mott Macdonald, the port’s development consultants, were scheduled to visit the Toulouse engineering and design facility of the aviation company Universal Hydrogen.

The purpose of the trip is to solidify a partnership between Ports, Universal Hydrogen, and Blue Islands in order to test the usage of green hydrogen as a substitute for conventional aviation fuel that is completely decarbonized.

A letter of intent between Universal Hydrogen and Blue Islands to use conversion kits on the airline’s ATR 72 aircraft has been inked.

HevenDrones nets Monaco Hydrogen Alliance award

The Monaco Hydrogen Alliance has chosen HevenDrones, a pioneer in the creation and marketing of actionable drones, as the hydrogen mobility firm with the greatest potential for disruption.

Over 10 hydrogen initiatives, HevenDrones was chosen as the one most likely to upend the hydrogen mobility business.

HevenDrones develops and produces actionable drones that are intended to drive energy efficiency and sustainability across a range of commercial ecosystems by offering the necessary balance between payload and endurance, from autonomous last-mile delivery to emergency response, smart cities, and infrastructure repair.

The company is a global leader in utilizing hydrogen as a drone fuel source, allowing for longer flight periods, the potential to carry bigger payloads, and lower ownership costs. Hydrogen-powered drones from HeavenDrones are also more environmentally friendly and less polluting.

Alberta govt looks for expressions of interest for hydrogen fuelling stations

The Alberta government is interested in hearing opinions on the prospective creation of hydrogen fueling stations.

To assist the government in evaluating the possibilities for a provincial network of hydrogen fueling stations owned and operated by the private sector, Alberta Energy is soliciting expressions of interest.

The province claims that studies show Alberta can manufacture some of the most affordable clean hydrogen in the entire globe. They see a chance to cut emissions in Alberta’s transportation sector while fostering the expansion of the hydrogen industry in the province with the rising use of hydrogen fuel electric vehicles and hydrogen-diesel dual combustion vehicles.

A list of details, including potential locations, capital and operating expenses, supply and storage requirements, and safety considerations, will be requested from the industry. Additionally, the expression of interest will collect data to evaluate the likelihood that Albertans will use the infrastructure for both personal and general business purposes.

AHC and SEC ink deal to host the Asia Pacific Hydrogen 2023 Summit & Exhibition

The Australian Hydrogen Council (AHC) has signed an agreement with the Sustainable Energy Council (SEC) to hold the Asia Pacific Hydrogen 2023 Summit & Exhibition at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Sydney, Australia on October 26-27, 2023.

The Australia Trade and Investment Commission and the New South Wales (NSW) Government have reaffirmed their support and participation in the worldwide event, which will bring together over 3,000 delegates to advance hydrogen’s place in the future energy mix.

The Asia Pacific Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition aims to be the official meeting place for government and private sector leaders to exchange insights, showcase advancements, and form new partnerships that will accelerate the scaleup of the hydrogen industry to deliver a successful energy transition in line with the 2030 and 2050 climate goals. Every year, SEC organizes three of these summit and exposition events: one in America, one in Europe, and one in Asia. SEC has chosen Australia as the primary destination for the Asia Pacific Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition for the foreseeable future.

The Australia Hydrogen Council is demonstrating the country’s determination to becoming a key global participant by 2030 by holding the APAC Hydrogen 2023 Summit & Exhibition. Domestic hydrogen hubs are being planned to encourage demand and co-locate infrastructure, which will support Australia’s world-leading exporting capabilities.

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