ThyssenKrupp and Unigel to quadruple green hydrogen production, Neuman & Esser to develop Belo Horizonte

A letter of intent to quadruple the production of green hydrogen was signed by thyssenkrupp nucera and the Brazilian chemical company Unigel during the visit of Economy Minister Robert Habeck to Brazil. On Sunday, Belo Horizonte’s Ministry of Economy made this announcement.

The manufacturing of green hydrogen in Brazil was pioneered by Unigel, one of the biggest chemical corporations in Latin America and the biggest manufacturer of nitrogen fertilizers there. The required technology is being supplied by ThyssenKrupp nucera.

Unigel announced intentions to triple its green hydrogen production over the next four years in July. Over one hundred megawatts of additional electrolyzer capacity will be added, allowing for the annual production of about 40,000 tons of green hydrogen.

Neuman & Esser

The Neuman & Esser group revealed on Sunday that it will spend R$ 70 million to develop Belo Horizonte’s industrial park and construct the region’s first environmentally friendly hydrogen generation facility. The Olhos D’Gua neighborhood is where the development is situated. 75 direct jobs and 200 indirect jobs are anticipated to be created.

Together with the president of Fiemg, Flávio Roscoe, and other Brazilian and German officials, Robert Habeck, the Vice-Chancellor of Germany and Federal Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Action, as well as Belo Horizonte Mayor Fuad Noman, attended the ceremony.

Renewable energy sources like hydro, wind, and solar can be used to produce green hydrogen from water. Just water vapor is released into the atmosphere when it is used. As a result, gasoline has been suggested as a substitute to decarbonize economic sectors like long-distance transportation, steel, and cement.

According to Neuman & Esser, Brazil produces some of the most competitive green hydrogens in the world due to its geographic location, ideal weather for solar irradiation, and accessibility of air currents.

The factory that was established in Belo Horizonte will build machinery like PEM and Alkaline type electrolyzers, as well as ethanol and biomethane or natural gas reformers that may also be used as sources for producing green hydrogen.

Brazil has a huge opportunity to capitalize on the production of green hydrogen, according to Marcelo Veneroso, CEO of Neuman & Esser in Brazil. “Solar and wind energy are abundant in Brazil. It can serve as a leading commodity exporter and a major hydrogen user in the creation of its green manufactured and industrial goods “added he.

Fuad Noman, the mayor of Belo Horizonte, believes that investment is crucial for the world as a whole. “The world’s energy structure is altering as we speak. Belo Horizonte is really honored to be one of the first Brazilian capitals to have a manufacturing, as green hydrogen represents a revolution “said he.

Neuman & Esser, according to Fernando Passalio, Minas Gerais’ Secretary of Economic Development, made the “ideal investment” because it combines sustainability and high-quality employment. “We’re referring to highly skilled workers here. The investment introduces an idea to the nation, making it one of the forerunners in the production of this fuel globally. Also, this sustainable form of energy will benefit other products “added he.

Germany-Brazil Cooperation

German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck said Brazil is a “premium partner” and the only country in South America with which Germany has a strategic alliance in a speech that concluded the ceremony, which featured simultaneous translation.

He claimed that the economic paradigm has changed since environmental preservation and climate change are now taken into account in addition to economic growth and wealth. “These two features are brought by Brazilian hydrogen production,” he stated.

According to Habeck, Germany wants to gradually replace coal as an energy source by increasing both its production and use of green hydrogen. He advocated for closer ties between Mercosur and the European Union as well as between Brazil and Germany.

The vice chancellor concluded by thanking the Brazilian government for its willingness to protect the Amazon and reiterating that Germany will fight to fulfill its climate pledges so that it can demand the same of other nations.

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