Thyssenkrupp to build green hydrogen plant in Egypt

Andreas Beckers, CEO of thyssenkrupp, said the company is currently working on a memorandum of understanding with Egypt’s Ministry of Electricity to build a green hydrogen plant, as well as developing a program to develop young talent from various universities to instill an entrepreneurial spirit in them.

More than 200 engineers work for the firm in Egypt, where it is establishing various fertilizer facilities in the caustic and chlorine sectors, as well as other factories that are already operational.

“We are also extremely pleased today of the entrepreneurial training program to promote more young talent from various colleges in Egypt, in order to contribute to the country’s growth,” he concluded.

Beckers said his business is now working on a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Electricity and hopes to finalize the deal soon.

“We’re in close communication with a number of partners interested in the development of green technologies in Egypt, including green hydrogen, green ammonia, green methanol, and all fertilizer derivatives,” he stated. “I believe we have made an excellent contribution to the country in the past with our technologies, and today with these technologies, which are necessary to stop climate change, and in relation to the COP 27 event, which will take place in Sharm El Sheikh next year, I believe this is an important area in Egypt as well as the rest of the world.”

He stated that the firm is interested in the Egyptian fertilizer industry and plans to expand in this area, noting that green technologies have also made significant development in terms of environmental protection.

“I believe we will continue in this direction in the future, as well as with other ongoing initiatives, such as the project on the petrochemical complexes in El Alamein,” he said. So I believe we have a wide range of initiatives that are well-suited to the local economy, and we look forward to further developments.”

He stated that the company’s entrepreneurship program in Egypt is a great example of how companies can contribute to the development of young talents from various universities by instilling an entrepreneurial spirit and providing practical experience in various fields, as well as assisting them in finding potential job opportunities both within our company and in the market.

“As a result, we look forward to working with the Ministry of Youth and Sports to continue this initiative in the future, as well as with the next set of 50 kids who will be selected soon,” he said.

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