Tilt Renewables investigates blade detachment at Dundonnell wind farm


Tilt Renewables has carried out the necessary engineering investigation following a blade detachment incident on a single turbine at the Dundonnell wind farm.

An assurance test protocol has also been established to enable unaffected turbines to be gradually returned to service in a safe manner.

Tests and inspections on 25 turbines have already been completed and are now completely operational. The remaining turbines will be tested and returned to service in the next 7 – 10 days, with one damaged unit estimated to take several weeks to complete repairs.

In addition, once the root cause investigation has been concluded and any appropriate remedial action is taken, all operating turbines will be subject to an additional periodic inspection system, with Vestas deploying additional resources to the site for this reason.

The commissioning process with the Australian Energy Market Operator was not disrupted by this incident and Tilt Renewables continues to expect the wind farm to advance through the remaining hold points towards full service over the remainder of the year.

Nedim Husomanovic

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