Tlou Energy preparing hydrogen strategy for Botswana and Southern Africa

H2 hydrogen molecule in the liquid. 3d illustration.

Tlou Energy is working on a hydrogen strategy to bring renewable energy to Botswana and southern Africa through gas, solar, and hydrogen exploration and development.

To complement the company’s gas-to-power project, a hydrogen strategy is being developed.

Multiple business opportunities in solid carbon products, oxygen, ammonia, fuel cell vehicles, agriculture, and medical supplies could emerge as the hydrogen economy grows.

By developing a roadmap to help these countries develop hydrogen, both the company and the countries will have access to the carbon-neutral fuel of the future.

This could also help both financially, as hydrogen has proven to be a lucrative market.

The energy company based in Botswana is well positioned to produce hydrogen using a variety of methods, citing large and proven resources to develop these products.

Methane for carbon and hydrogen, readily available water for hydrogen and oxygen, and virtually unlimited solar power to power the process are all available to the company.

Tlou’s extensive approvals, including environmental, gas, and solar generation licenses, access to land, and established in-country operational expertise, would benefit a hydrogen strategy.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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