Topsoe signs 500MW green ammonia deal

To start zero emission ammonia production with the biggest reserved electrolyzer capacity in the world, Topsoe has a contract with plant developer First Ammonia.

Topsoe will install its solid oxide electrolyzer cells (SOEC) in the green ammonia plants of First Ammonia.

The initial 500MW (megawatts) of capacity, which is expandable to 5GW (gigawatts), will be placed in the first commercial-scale green ammonia facilities in the world at locations in Northern Germany and the Southwest United States.

The arrangement might result in the eradication of 13 million tonnes of CO2 emissions yearly by creating 5 million metric tonnes of green ammonia each year. The proposal would be the biggest electrolyzer reservation of any kind, with a capacity of 5GW.

He thinks that ammonia, the “workhorse” of the hydrogen economy, may once again save mankind by displacing petrochemicals to decarbonize industry.

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