Toshiba starts development of hydrogen fuel cell system

Activities for the development of hydrogen fuel cell systems for heavy-duty applications have been started by Toshiba Energy Systems and Solutions Corporation, Impact Clean Power Technology, and ITOCHU Plantech.

By utilizing Toshiba ESS’s polymer electrolyte hydrogen fuel cell stack, which has exceptional durability and stability, the parties have researched the development of a hydrogen fuel cell system for buses based on a Memorandum of Understanding between the three parties that was reached last year. Polymer electrolyte hydrogen fuel cell stacks from Toshiba ESS have already been delivered to Impact, who will now begin testing and verifying a hydrogen fuel cell system for a bus as the initial application.

In Europe, Impact is a top producer of cutting-edge battery solutions for heavy-duty, stationary, and transportation applications. Impact aims for the early commercialization of a hydrogen fuel cell system for mobility that has a lifetime that is twice as long as anything currently on the market. Impact will also investigate the possibility of applying this technology in the future to trucks, trains, ships, etc. by combining Toshiba ESS’s high durability hydrogen fuel cell stack with Impact’s capability of system design and production.

The development’s coordination and logistics are handled by ITOCHU Plantech, which will also create new applications for hydrogen fuel cell systems and hydrogen fuel cell power generation using a market-oriented strategy and the ITOCHU network.

Through this partnership, Impact, ITOCHU Plantech, and Toshiba ESS hope to grow their businesses in the global hydrogen value chain and advance the decarbonization of society.