Toyota fuel cells power Hyliko trucks

Hyliko, the first hydrogen mobility platform devoted to decarbonizing the transportation of goods by road, recently signed a deal with Toyota to provide Fuel Cell Modules for the latter’s initial hydrogen-powered heavy-duty trucks.

Two different hydrogen truck models are available from Hyliko: a 26t straight truck (with 62 and 64 variations) and a 44t tractor. According to this arrangement, each car will be fitted with two Toyota Fuel Cell Modules, which were developed by Toyota over a 30-year period using the most recent advances in hydrogen mobility technology.

This partnership marks a significant turning point in the design and production of the initial Hyliko trucks. By forming alliances with industry leaders in hydrogen, like Plastic Omnium, GreenGT, and Forsee Power, Hyliko is advancing the technological prowess of its lineup of hydrogen heavy-duty trucks.

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