Toyota Mirai undergoes Italian test drive

Toyota Mirai, a groundbreaking hydrogen car introduced by the Japanese automaker eight years ago and now in its second generation, underwent its first Italian test drive at the ENEA Casaccia Research Center.

The H2 Summer School, hosted by the ENEA Department of Energy Technologies and Renewable Sources and the Sapienza University of Rome and the Italian Association of Chemical Engineering, provided instruction for fifty individuals, who then took part in the first Italian test drive of the hydrogen car.

The air intake of the Toyota Mirai features a special catalyst filter that can trap micro contaminating dusts such PM 2.5 particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides. The effects of Toyota’s emission-free vehicle go far beyond mere novelty. non-detrimental to the ecosystem, but purifies the air as it travels.

Toyota’s method works by reacting hydrogen and oxygen inside fuel cells to produce energy; this rapid process provides enough juice to run an electric motor, which in turn powers the vehicle while producing only water as a byproduct.

On the outskirts of Rome, at the Casaccia Center of ENEA, Toyota’s hydrogen vehicle underwent its first test drive. The complete hydrogen supply chain is included in the ENEA project that is being supported by the Ministry of Ecological Transition. This includes the production, distribution, storage, and use of hydrogen not only as an energy vector but also as a raw material for the synthesis of other fuels.

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