Toyota Tsusho invests in hydrogen business

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Toyota Tsusho revealed that in October 2020 they invested in Enoah, a company that designs and manufactures hydrogen fuel cells and water electrolysis systems, with the aim of creating a clean energy supply chain that uses hydrogen.

After the Japanese government announced its intention to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 in order to realize a green society, the use of renewable energy sources, such as hydrogen, that do not emit greenhouse gases has increased.

Fuel cells, which produce electricity through a chemical reaction between oxygen and a fuel such as hydrogen, are gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional generators such as diesel-powered generators.

Toyota Tsusho intends to extend the use of hydrogen fuel cells into places where they have not previously been used by improving cooperation with Enoah and providing hydrogen fuel cell systems that meet consumer needs. As part of its smart neighborhood enterprise targeting local municipalities, the organization intends to encourage the use of hydrogen fuel cells as both normal and emergency power supply installations.

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