Energykeme launches Figueira da Foz hydrogen plant tender

A green hydrogen generation plant in Figueira da Foz will be designed, built, and put into operation by the Portuguese business Energykeme.

The tender’s base price, according to the notification, is 1.7 million euros, and the execution time is 10 months.

The deadline for proposals is 30 days after the day the public tender was published.

NepTech raises €1.2M for hydrogen-powered transport vessels

The start-up NepTech, based in Aix, creates 10 to 30 meter transport vessels with electro-hydrogen propulsion. It just finished a 1.2 million euro seed funding, including 800,000 euro in private funds.

This initial campaign serves as a launchpad for NepTech’s commercial vessel deployment and enables the company to continue its R&D approach in search of the most effective navigational solution.

Participants in the round table included Sud Mer Invest (Bank Populaire du Sud/Crédit Maritime), CAAP Création, a division of Crédit Agricole Alpes Provence, Banque Populaire Méditerranée, Mer Angels, and a Family Office, along with institutional partners.

The start-up has been creating its own line of 10 to 30 meter long electro-hydrogen propelled vessels since May 2020 that can carry up to 200 passengers or about 20 tonnes of cargo.

The business depends on a network of institutional and technological partners to carry out its project, including test facilities, fuel cell suppliers, and even experts in artificial intelligence to create the best and most intelligent solution.

For NepTech boats, the marketing phase has already started. With more than twenty prospects in France and Europe, the company is in advanced technical-commercial conversations. So, a first hydrogen-powered ship ought to be launched in 2024, especially in connection with the 2024 Olympic Games.

Haskel to increase number of hydrogen fuelling stations

By increasing the amount of units it provided in 2021, Haskel, a maker of hydrogen refueling stations with headquarters in Sunderland, has accomplished a significant feat.

The twelve new systems contributed significantly to the increase in hydrogen refueling stations that occurred last year on a global scale. H2stations.org’s research indicates that 130 stations will be operational by 2022. This year, Ingersoll Rand subsidiary Haskel will enhance manufacturing.

As it prepares to treble manufacturing capacity by 2024, Haskel and Ingersoll Rand is striving to integrate production at the Sunderland plant with another significant facility in Rouen, France. By 2024, this will expand production to more than 30 stations annually, which will be a record-breaking number in the UK market for hydrogen refueling stations.

Haskel recently made important improvements to the on-site capabilities at the Sunderland heart of the business, more than doubling the number of stations being tested in 2022. They want to rapidly grow operations this year with the goal of achieving an increase in capacity that will enable Haskel to test at up to 12 stations in 2024, a 200% increase from 2022 levels.

Tallawarra B gas/hydrogen power project scheduled to be put into service by the end of 2023

Following the conclusion of agreements between EnergyAustralia, Webuild, GE, and Deloitte – the administrators of Clough Limited – the Tallawarra B gas/hydrogen power project is scheduled to be put into service by the end of 2023.

By building Australia’s first peaking power plant to be fuelled by a blend of gas and green hydrogen with direct carbon emissions offset, the Tallawarra B project contributes to EnergyAustralia’s goal to lead and accelerate the clean energy transformation.

EnergyAustralia is collaborating with the Illawarra Hydrogen Hub as part of this to encourage the growth of a green hydrogen sector in the area.

A fast-start open cycle power plant will be produced as part of the Tallawarra B project, and it will complement incoming renewable energy sources and, during peak hours, provide dependable power to an additional 150,000 New South Wales homes. This power station will also be essential in maintaining system security.

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