Emilia Romagna Tper launches tender for hydrogen-powered buses

A tender for the procurement of 127 12-meter electric traction buses with hydrogen fuel cells has been launched by Emilia Romagna Tper.

A 140 additional vehicle option is included in the tender.

The tender is worth more than 272 million euros, VAT excluded, and offers must be submitted by May 26 in order to be considered.

Greece could become Europe’s hydrogen hub

Given that hydrogen is the fuel of the future and is high on the European Commission’s agenda for the transition to a pollution-free economy by 2050, Greece might become a significant hub for hydrogen in Europe.

While Saudi Arabia is planning to produce renewable hydrogen for Europe, the European Union has reached a deal with Egypt.

For the 10 million tons of imports that Europe plans to make by 2030, North African and Middle Eastern nations will serve as the primary producers of hydrogen, and southern European nations like Greece will serve as transportation hubs for it to reach the major European markets.

Hyzon Motors showcase hydrogen garbage trucks in Australia

The 27-tonne truck, which Hyzon Motors will display at its offices in Noble Park, in Melbourne’s south-east, is an Australian first, according to the company, and it demonstrates how the trucking sector can go green.

A number of start-up companies, like Hyzon, with its headquarters in the US, believe hydrogen fuel cells are a more practical alternative to rechargeable batteries, which are bulky, heavy, and require downtime for recharging.

Hyzon opened a branch in Australia in 2020. Three trucks have been ordered from the RACV-owned towing company Nationwide Group, and talks are currently underway with waste management organizations and other possible operators. The vehicle would begin commercial trials this year.

Over the past year, the Hyzon team planned and constructed the first three vehicles, swapping out the diesel engines in new Mercedes trucks for hydrogen gas tanks and a fuel cell. Over the summer, they tested the first vehicle at Holden’s former testing facility at Lang Lang, close to French Island.

Fusion Fuel and Toyota Material Handling España boost green hydrogen fuel cell forklifts

A collaboration agreement between Fusion Fuel and Toyota Material Handling Espana (TMHES) has been formed to advance the growth of the Spanish market for green hydrogen fuel cell forklifts.

By the provision of end-to-end solutions involving fuel cell forklifts coupled with environmentally friendly hydrogen production and hydrogen refueling infrastructure, the cooperation will further boost TMHES’s position in the domestic zero emissions forklift truck market.

For their selection of forklift goods, the firms will provide a fully financed solution that blends Hydrogen-as-a-Service with TMHES’s operational rental and leasing solutions.

Tasmanian green hydrogen hub to support local farmers

The Rockliff Liberal Government is moving on with its goal of making Bell Bay Australia’s first green hydrogen centre and supporting Tamar Valley farmers at the same time.

The Tasmanian Irrigation will be able to send bulk raw water to the Tasmanian Green Hydrogen Hub in Bell Bay thanks to a proposed amendment to the Irrigation Company Act 2011 that was hinted at by the government.

Less than 1% of the yearly water flow through the Trevallyn Power Station would be represented by the predicted water quantities to be given to hydrogen generators.

After last year’s announcement of up to $70 million in Federal funding to advance Bell Bay as a national green hydrogen hub, one of the first stages in safeguarding Tasmania’s future in the changing energy environment, the government has now revealed its preferred water supply plan.

With the use of its distinctive advantages in infrastructure and renewable energy, Tasmania can play a significant role in the local, national, and global transition to green energy and establish a successful export-scale green hydrogen production facility.

This will help local businesses in Tasmania that need a natural gas alternative to decarbonize their goods and services as well as sustain local manufacturing jobs.

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