Turkey makes maritime breakthrough with green hydrogen ship

Turkish engineers have created a ship that uses “Green Hydrogen,” which will help Turkey advance in the global maritime sector.

Research was conducted to reduce the carbon footprint in the transportation sector, which is one of the major contributors to global warming owing to fuel usage.

Turkish engineers have created a ship that uses “Green Hydrogen,” which will help Turkey advance in the global maritime sector. The ship, whose production is expected to cost 50 million euros, is scheduled to debut in 2025.

The design of a hydrogen-powered ship will transform the global maritime sector. Together with Turkish experts, CNA Group will construct the “Green Ship.” With its environmentalist qualities, the ship, called AYN Green, is anticipated to have an influence on the entire planet. According to the information provided, the ship will employ green hydrogen as a fuel for the first time in history in addition to solar and wind power. There won’t be any asbestos in AYN Green, which is used on ships and has a negative impact on marine life. Turkish scientists’ ship design will advance Turkey in the global shipping business by using smart armor technology for the first time. The International Maritime Organization’s 2050 standards were said to be exceeded by the green ship design (IMO).

The initial objective is to eliminate the carbon footprint

In a statement, CNA Group Chairman of the Board Hakan Yagli remarked, “When we say “Green Ship,” we should consider it as the decarbonization we provide to the globe. Eliminating the carbon footprint is what we’re aiming for first. There are certain requirements that the IMO has established, and several pieces of research are done globally for this. We did a lot more than these studies. Our academics and lecturers then led us to the following level. In a field where we are even behind Greece, we have put in place a marine framework that will rule the globe in ten years. We are in discussions with the shipyard and the Ministry of Industry, and the project is now prepared for manufacturing. As soon as the categorization is finished using the data we have collected, manufacturing will begin. 5 billion dollars will be used for the entire project. The ship will stay in the ocean for 2.5 to 3 years and will cost between 45 and 50 million euros. Contribution to employment: First, we subtract 12 000 people’s hours worked. The ship will add to Turkey’s foreign debt once it is put into service. We anticipate making between 1.5 and 2 billion dollars annually,” he added.

There are very few ships of this size are manufactured in Turkey

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ziya Söüt, a faculty member at Piri Reis University, gave an explanation of the project’s goals and the ship’s specifications. The vessel is 179 meters long, around 30 meters wide, and 9.7 meters deep. It uses dual fuel and will burn both LNG and fuel oil. It will meet IMO specifications for a commercial vessel. We equipped the ship with the necessary technologies. With the help of this technology, we have already accomplished the 2050 goals set by the IMO. This implies: We have cut our emissions by half. In the project, we have professors from several universities. We don’t currently have institutional relationships with any universities. Universities will be the key actors when it comes to fundamental design. This initiative will involve advanced innovation in association with academia and business. It is now one of the ships with the largest increase in terms of emission loads among its global counterparts. We are now working on the second edition, though. There is very little shipbuilding of this magnitude in Turkey. This position makes Turkey problematic in global competition. In order to boost this competitiveness, we are creating a production projection,” he stated.

When using green energy, it is possible to maintain speed

According to the information provided, the aforementioned ship will be the first in the world to utilize Green Hydrogen, wind, and existing ship fuel usage at the same time to achieve the best energy efficiency. While using green energy, AYN Green will be able to maintain its speed while using it, unlike its competitors across the world.

Green hydrogen will be used on board to increase fuel efficiency. Manufacturing green hydrogen on-site for the first time in history will start a new chapter in ship fuel.

The most effective ship in the world for heat recovery technology was created.

On this ship, wind energy is utilized as a novel model for renewable energy for the first time.

AYN Green uses an ontologically based energy management program for the first time to upgrade its energy management infrastructure. On this ship, intelligent energy management will be used.

The ship is the one that offers complete recyclability and exhibits the least amount of resistance worldwide. On ships with less than 10,000 DTW, fossil fuel is abolished. The fifth generation green shipyard will be constructed for this ship for the first time ever.

The development of new armor technologies will do away with asbestos, which is now used on ships and is thought to be carcinogenic and harmful to marine life. By limiting harm to marine microorganisms, the new generation armor technology employed will contribute to protecting the ocean ecosystem.

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