Türkiye working on hydrogen ecosystem

According to Energy Minister Fatih Dönmez, studies are being conducted for hydrogen fuel as Turkey works to create its domestic hydrogen ecosystem and local hydrogen sector.

Speaking at the International Boron Symposium held in Istanbul on October 5, the minister mentioned one area in which the nation may advance as producing hydrogen from coal mined in Turkey.

The minister emphasized that although prices are now expensive, things connected to hydrogen would become more widely available as technology advances.

According to him, Turkey might become a leading nation in the development of new technologies if research institutions, the public sector, and the commercial sector work together to create a local hydrogen ecosystem.

“One of our key goals is to use hydrogen as fuel. The minister continued, mentioning that all of the design, manufacture, and integration work for the hydrogen fuel cell project—a collaboration between BOREN, Gen Otomobil, and the Turkish Council for Scientific and Technological Research (TÜBTAK)—had been successfully finished.

According to him, a next-generation automobile idea that has a greater range than electric cars has been created locally.

Dönmez said that two additional lithium plants with a combined capacity of 700 tons will start construction this year, one in the town of Krka in the province of Eskişehir and the other in the district of Bandrma.

According to the minister, Türkiye will be able to provide more than half of its yearly lithium demands once those units go into operation.

Around the end of next year, a ferroboron facility with an 800-ton annual capacity will open in Bandrma, Dönmez added.

Energy conversion

According to the minister, Turkey has modernized its energy infrastructure and finished the first phase of its energy reform.

“The second stage [of the shift] is what we are currently going through. As part of our efforts to achieve green development goals, we are increasing our output of clean energy and technological development. From what we have so far developed, the next phase will advance.

The transition to new technologies, like nuclear energy, locally created lithium and storage technologies, and renewable energy sources like solar and wind power, will be the focus of Turkey’s next energy revolution rather than the switch to new resources, according to Dönmez.

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