UK launches competition for Tees Valley hydrogen transportation projects

In order to reduce carbon emissions in a variety of transport use-cases, the UK Government has established a £20 million ($22.4 million) competition for business to harness the potential of hydrogen in new transportation projects in Tees Valley, UK.

The Tees Valley Hydrogen Transport Hub competition encourages bidders to explore the potential uses of hydrogen in order to develop a cleaner, more effective transportation industry.

Innovate UK is organizing a competition where businesses and research teams will work together to figure out how to use hydrogen as a dependable fuel source. Large-scale refueling, guaranteeing buses and coaches can use hydrogen in public transportation ecosystems, and how to make the supply chain greener using hydrogen-powered heavy goods trucks are some of the issues it intends to address (HGVs).

The UK Government has also announced that it will contribute £300,000 to help upskill the local workers, cultivate a specialized skills base, and create a pipeline of talent.

It is believed that the competition would bring the UK one step closer to overcoming the major obstacles to achieving Net Zero by utilizing hydrogen across the transportation network, with winning bids scheduled to display their final goods from spring 2023.

The UK’s transport sector contributes 24% of the country’s carbon dioxide emissions, so we are working hard to make changes now and in the future, according to Transport Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan.