UK to reuse gas infrastructure for hydrogen

The United Kingdom has unveiled a new initiative, a hydrogen-gas project to test if this ambition can become a reality.

Instead of building a new network of plants and pipes, the UK will test hydrogen-powered gas infrastructure for renewable energy projects. To incorporate hydrogen into infrastructure, London-listed Centrica wants to inject hydrogen into a gas-fired, grid-connected power station. A Lincolnshire gas-peaking plant will host the 12-month study.

Spain leads Europe in hydrogen initiatives. Cepsa and Rotterdam will create Europe’s first green hydrogen corridor. In September, the European Commission announced $5.13 billion in hydrogen project financing. This helps the EU install 40 GW of renewable hydrogen electrolyzers by 2030.

Most hydrogen initiatives are in the early stages of development, despite various studies showing the possibility for converting natural gas infrastructure to hydrogen. Over the next five to 10 years, EU, state, and private investments in hydrogen will increase hydrogen production. As hydrogen markets develop, hydrogen corridors may be delayed. However, early projects like the Centrica U.K. gas plant development and the Cepsa hydrogen corridor could set the framework for worldwide hydrogen sector expansion.

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