ULEMCo procures fuel cell module from Toyota Motor Corporation


As part of its development of a spectrum of optimized hydrogen fuel cell solutions for electric vehicle applications, ULEMCo has begun working with the FC fuel cell module from Toyota Motor Corporation.

ULEMCo is getting a fuel cell for study under the HySPERT feasibility project as a first step (Hydrogen Special Purpose Electric vehicle platform for Refuse collection and fire Trucks).

ULEMCo chose the Toyota fuel cell because it promises quicker and faster integration and is a suitable fit for the application, based on their considerable knowledge with fuel cell technologies. Under the HyVERIE brand, ULEMCo is creating a platform method for constructing fuel cell electric vehicle systems that may be mounted on chassis gliders or unique specialty body designs. This allows for an optimized ‘fit for purpose’ design in a variety of applications, which the business expects the big vehicle OEMs will not handle for some time.

ULEMCo is developing its capability to offer a variety of hydrogen-based solutions that directly meet customer / operator needs, rather than offering a single design approach, by developing an understanding of the real-world use and duty cycles of a variety of specialist heavy duty vehicle applications. After a thorough evaluation procedure, ULEMCo was chosen, and they now have access to Toyota Motors Japan’s comprehensive knowledge and technical assistance.

ULEMCo’s Managing Director, Amanda Lyne, remarked, “We are pleased to be at the outset of this vital cooperation.” “I am certain that a ‘horses for courses’ strategy is required if we are to totally decarbonize transportation and achieve net zero emissions. For many years, we depended on engine technology and a single fuel (diesel) that was inexpensive but inefficient in big vehicles. We need to be efficient and productive with our resources when it comes to battery and hydrogen solutions. Smaller specialty firms, such as ULEMCo, have a genuine chance to innovate and fill the ‘gaps’ that the major OEMs can’t.”

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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