Ulsan Port Green Hydrogen Logistics Hub Project launches

The “Ulsan Port Green Hydrogen Logistics Hub Project” was presented at the “2022 International Hydrogen Industry Exchange Online Seminar” hosted online on the 16th by the Ulsan Port Authority (UPA), who also spoke as a Korean speaker.

The Interport Project, organized by the Port of Bilbao, Spain, included the lecture. The goal of the Interport project is to provide a bridge for communication between institutions, businesses, and allied organizations involved in the hydrogen industry internationally. Major hydrogen-related institutions from Korea and the Spanish Basque Country participated in this year’s inaugural seminar.

The UPA Hydrogen Convergence Alliance’s head Kim Seong-bok and Chonbuk National University professor Lee Joong-hee, a member of the Hydrogen Economy Committee, joined as speakers in Korea.

In accordance with the government’s carbon neutral strategy, UPA established the overseas green hydrogen import value chain (purchase, maritime transportation, storage, domestic distribution, and demand) in its presentation that day. It also introduced the “Ulsan Port Green Hydrogen (Ammonia) Logistics Hub Fostering Project.” It enhanced Ulsan Port’s ability to compete for the commercialization of imported hydrogen.

A number of companies with a keen interest in the hydrogen industry, including Hyosung Heavy Industries, Gangwon Technopark, Chungbuk Technopark, H2meet, Enlighten Co., Ltd., Panasia, Petronor, H2M, Basque Hydrogen Association, Andalusia Hydrogen Association, Canary Islands Maritime Platform, Basque Competitiveness Institute, etc., attended the seminar.

In the meantime, the UPA plans to construct a green hydrogen (ammonia) tank terminal, an overseas green hydrogen logistics base in Ulsan Port, and proactively secure the initial overseas green hydrogen cargo volume by 2030 under the vision of “eco-smart port leading energy logistics.” An energy logistics port is being constructed in Northeast Asia.

The green hydrogen import and supply base development project is planned to be built in Ulsan Port with 3 berths in the North New Port (50,000 DWT 270m 2 berths, 20,000 DWT 210m 1 berth / hinterland 349,000m2), which is the “storage” of the value chain. One 50,000 DWT berth has received a total project investment of around KRW 90 billion since January of last year.