UMSTRO orders hydrogen fuel cell systems from Proton Motor

German operational subsidiary Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH of UK holding company Proton Motor Power Units has received a fresh order from long-time client UMSTRO GmbH for 18 HyModule S8 hydrogen fuel cell systems.

The business is an established client of Proton Motor and a specialist in modular energy cells for sustainable power generation from renewable sources with hydrogen storage systems. For integration with UMSTRO’s unique energy trailer, formerly known as the “Mobile Solar FuelCell Aggregate,” Proton Motor produced a HyModule S8 system in 2021.

UMSTRO will incorporate the HyModule S8 system into a number of projects for use in emergency power and combined heat and power applications. It is an emission-free high-tech product from Proton Motor’s Hy-brand range for stationary applications.

Of the 18 systems ordered, two 8.4kW units each are destined for Euskirchener Baugesellschaft mbH, a municipal housing corporation with which UMSTRO is constructing a new energy-selfsufficient multi-family home.

The remaining six systems are to be created for stock, and ten more units will be used as decentralized, carbon-free energy supply solutions.

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