Uniper commissions Sunfire to construct 30 MW electrolyzer

Under Project Air, Uniper has commissioned the Dresden-based business Sunfire to construct a 30 MW pressured alkaline electrolysis plant that will generate green hydrogen using renewable electricity and treated wastewater. The ultimate investment decision has still to be made.

Project Air is an industrial program aimed at transforming the chemical industry into a climate-neutral one, with far-reaching implications across industrial value chains. Perstorp Group and Uniper collaborated on the project. An agreement with CINEA (European Climate, Infrastructure, and Environment Executive Agency) awarded the project EU Innovation Fund financing to promote its revolutionary technology, which is vital for the European chemicals industry to become carbon neutral.

Using circular manufacturing methods, Project Air will manufacture sustainable methanol for chemical manufacturing. Perstorp plans to construct a Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) plant in Stenungsund, Sweden, to convert carbon dioxide emissions from its operations, as well as other residual streams, biogas, and renewable hydrogen, to methanol. A pressurized alkaline electrolyzer invented and manufactured by Sunfire will provide renewable hydrogen.

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