University claims gasoline engine can run on plain water

Scientists in the Kemerovo region have developed a system that allows regular passenger cars to save fuel and almost produce no hazardous gases into the atmosphere.

A gasoline engine may now run on plain water thanks to new technology developed at the Kuzbass State Technical University. The interior of the car has additional screens and a button. When you press it, hydrogen flows into the engine.

The possibility of the gasoline engine overheating existed. As a result, tests of the thermal load were made, but there was no overheating, according to Andrey Ashcheulov, an associate professor in the university’s Department of Vehicle Operation.

The project, which got its start a few months ago in one of the university’s garages, can be deemed successful. Gasoline savings and an improvement in engine performance have been attained as a result of using the first element on the periodic table.

performed tests. The head of the car operating department, Andrey Kudrevatykh, reduced the amount to 7.5 liters per 100 kilometers in the urban cycle when he was driving. Additionally, this accounts for traffic congestion and density. The tester saw that the car ran smoothly and is certain that the concept may be applied to huge vehicles.

According to project partner Pavel Romanov, this reactor would be sufficient to put on KamAZ and other agricultural vehicles.

The future of production is serial. The equipment installation takes days. Not only is gasoline saved, but the amount of harmful emissions released into the atmosphere is reduced by two.

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