Vattenfall and Northvolt launch battery energy storage solution


Vattenfall and Northvolt have launched Mobile Voltpack – a rugged, highly modular lithium-ion battery solution envisioned as a zero-emission alternative to replace diesel generators. 

Vattenfall has supported the design of the system and will test and validate Mobile Voltpack and its functionality prior to the market introduction.

Mobile Voltpack will serve as a modular power supply solution that can be configured to meet the energy and power requirements of a wide variety of market scenarios. Prime applications include powering remote electricity grids, reinforcing weak grids, supporting electric vehicle charging, and delivering grid services such as balancing power, flexibility, or other ancillary services.  

Designed for redeployment, the system can be deployed for operations lasting days, weeks, or even longer periods of time. This characteristic opens Mobile Voltpack up to opportunities of leasing and is expected to significantly expand the system’s utility.  

“The need for flexible energy solutions such as energy storages is vital for the transition to the new energy system. Energy storage provides fast access to power when customers need to peak-shave or the capacity of the grid connection is insufficient. The battery storage solution will be offered as part of our concept “Power-as-a-service”, which means that we deliver a complete package with ownership of the energy storage and manage it to the specification of the customer. Vattenfall add a long experience of owning and operating different kind of network solutions including energy storages.”

Torbjörn Johansson, head of Vattenfall Network Solutions Sweden

“We see an increased need from the market for flexible solutions, both in terms of use case but also location. Mobile Voltpack is designed give our customers a fleet of assets that can be redeployed, repurposed and connected seamlessly. Vattenfall has been an invaluable partner of Northvolt since our earliest days, and their contributions to this project have enabled us to accelerate development of a product built to customer requirements.”  

Emad Zand, President Energy Solutions Northvolt

Within the project, Northvolt has led the development and production of core technologies, including battery and complementary inverter systems, and the battery management system. Drawing on the company’s experience of delivering commercial grid solutions to market, Vattenfall has supported Mobile Voltpack project development to tailor the product to match the need of the market, through both advising on design and functionality.

The final validation of the system will be undertaken at Vattenfall’s test and certification center in Älvkarleby, Sweden. Vattenfall will be the first to offer the battery unit to the market and have identified the need for a sustainable solution at industries, for microgrids, construction sites as well as for event organizers.    

A single Mobile Voltpack delivers up to 250 kW with a scalable capacity from 245 to 1225 kWh of available energy. Mobile Voltpack scales through a central interface hub, which can connect up to five self-contained battery units in parallel. The hub also serves as an interface for applications, as well as housing for inverter and auxiliary systems. If further power or storage capacity is needed, this can be fulfilled simply by connecting multiple Mobile Voltpacks in parallel.  

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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