Verdagy’s commercial electrolyzer module shows cheap green hydrogen at scale

Verdagy, a pioneer in scaling electrolyzer technologies for industrial applications, established the commercial efficacy of its unique water electrolysis technology, eDynamic.

Verdagy is constructing the world’s largest membrane-based electrochemical cells to reduce hydrogen production costs. Recent pilots prove the technology’s resilience and scalability.

Green hydrogen is gaining popularity as a way to satisfy decarbonization targets and combat climate change. It offers an alternative, low-carbon energy source, with an industry-wide goal of the lowest cost/kg. Verdagy’s eDynamicTM approach is designed to swiftly modify operating parameters to integrate well with renewables and capture the most effective input energy pricing. Verdagy has solved electrolysis issues for industrial applications by rapidly scaling, first with lab cells, then pilot cells, then a 1,000-hour run demonstration, and finally a 500 kW electrolyzer module.

The newly launched commercial module’s three 28,500 cm2 cells produce >3.0kg/hr per cell, proving its proprietary cell architecture and design that enables high current densities in a large scale cell. This is higher than traditional and modern Alkaline Water Electrolyzers (AWE), exceeding performance expectations.

Verdagy’s Moss Landing, CA pilot plant ran a 20kW, 3200 cm2 cell for 1,000 hours before launching their commercial cell. The 1,000-hour test proved lifetime durability and reduced risk when scaling up to a commercial electrolyzer module. Verdagy evaluated and refined their cell design and process parameters over many runs.

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