Vertex to provide hydrogen to Pilkington UK for glass manufacturing

An deal for low-carbon hydrogen has been inked by Vertex Hydrogen and Merseyside glass maker Pilkington UK.

As a member of the NSG Group, St Helens’ Pilkington United Kingdom Limited has led the flat glass industry in the transition to low-carbon fuels by successfully completing two world-first trials of hydrogen being burnt in a glass furnace.

In accordance with the agreement, Vertex will provide hydrogen to Pilkington UK as it continues to explore low-carbon glass manufacturing techniques.

Through a re-certified Science Based Target, the NSG Group recently announced a higher degree of ambition to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It comes after Pilkington UK celebrated the 70th anniversary of Sir Alistair Pilkington’s invention of the float glass technique, a crucial development that revolutionized the glass industry.

As a crucial component of HyNet, the UK’s top industrial decarbonization cluster, Vertex is assisting the UK in taking the lead in the development of low-carbon hydrogen generation. It will assist in addressing the critical need to significantly cut carbon emissions in the industrial sector, protecting and expanding a crucial sector.