Vestjyllands Andel adds hydrogen to replace gas

Vestjyllands Andel is collaborating with Evida and GreenLab to construct the first piped hydrogen infrastructure in a test area.

Pipes are needed to carry hydrogen from the GreenHyScale project’s generators to the Vestjyllands Andel Sstjernefabrik in the GreenLab industrial park in Skive, where it will be used in the power generation process.

The initial hydrogen delivery is scheduled for 2023, and the test section will be 0.5 kilometers long. By switching to hydrogen from natural gas, Sstjernefabrikken will indirectly eliminate its reliance on fossil fuels. Sstjernefabrikken is where Vestjyllands Andel transforms marine raw resources into locally manufactured feed protein.

When the subsequent hydrogen producers and consumers at GreenLab have a demand for hydrogen, the stretch will need to be lengthened. It will yield useful information that can be put to use if a regional hydrogen infrastructure between Mariager Fjord and Skive is to be put into operation in 2026.