Vigo to get first public green hydrogen dispenser in Galicia

One of the first green hydrogen public access dispensers in Spain will be located in the Port of Vigo.

Earlier, the Government of Spain issued the final version of the request for Pioneering and Unique Renewable Hydrogen Projects within the Context of the Plan for Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience. The proposal for an administrative concession to occupy a space of around 700 m2 in the Bouzas port area for the generation, storage, and sale of green hydrogen was subsequently accepted by the Board of Directors of the Port Authority.

A grant of 2.4 million euros will be given to the Julio Verne Puerto de Vigo project, which is being supported by the Galician SME Soltec Ingenieros, the business Quantum DPI Group, and the Spanish-Japanese multinational Univergy, which has operations in Vigo.

Since more than 12 local businesses and organizations from a variety of industries have worked on the project since its start, it represents a crucial turning point for Galicia, Vigo, and the region’s industrial fabric.

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