Vinci invests in SunGreenH2 based in Singapore

Vinci Private Equity has made its eighth investment in SunGreenH2, a Singapore-based green hydrogen company.

Expenditure specifics for investments have been kept secret. Building high-efficiency electrolyzers, the business is revolutionizing the production of environmentally friendly hydrogen. SunGreenH2’s goal is to increase the worldwide production of green hydrogen on a large scale in order to achieve its goal of zero emissions.

Hydrogen is employed in a wide variety of contexts, from transportation and industry to space rockets and oil production, yet it produces only water as a byproduct.

The technology behind SunGreenH2’s green hydrogen production is 30 times more efficient and uses only 10% of the energy required by conventional methods to split water into oxygen and hydrogen. The company’s goal is to ensure the long-term viability of low-cost green hydrogen by the deployment of its mass-production-ready, universally applicable technology in practically all current electrolyzers. Ultimately, SunGreenH2 hopes that this will lead to cheaper hydrogen prices.

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