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Viritech stated that adopting clean hydrogen technology to power road, aviation, and marine transport provides a big chance for the UK to restore its global engineering leadership position.

Viritech, a company based in the United Kingdom that produces a variety of hydrogen-based technologies, made this idea in their call to action, which reads, “Hydrogen is the UK’s Leapfrog Opportunity in the Race to Zero Emissions.”

The organization makes the case for increased public and commercial sector commitment to a game-changing technology that has the potential to re-establish the UK’s position in the automotive sector – hydrogen.

This might constitute a significant commitment to decarbonizing the transportation sector’s difficult-to-abate heavy freight sectors.

The call to action outlines the steps necessary for the UK to establish a first-mover advantage in the growing momentum surrounding hydrogen technologies.

Additionally, hydrogen’s infinitely recyclable, scalable energy storage capacity aligns with the UK’s leadership goals for hosting COP26 in November 2021.

Timothy Lyons, Viritech’s Founder said, “As a nation, we have done a respectable job of not just pioneering lithium-ion technology and advancing battery tech, but our gigafactory potential is way behind other European markets such as Germany and France in terms of both timing and quantum.

“Hydrogen offers the UK the chance to take a lead in an environmentally and economically critical technology, leveraging our amazing domestic capacity for automotive engineering ingenuity.

“We’ve set out why this is important and how we can become world leaders in hydrogen technology in our call to action today.”

Full white paper.

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