Volvo Trucks to use hydrogen fuel cells


Volvo Trucks believes the time is right for a rapid upswing in electrification of heavy road transport, with the launch of three new heavy-duty all-electric models this year.

This optimistic outlook is focused on Volvo’s electric trucks’ ability to meet a wide range of transportation requirements. Nearly half of all truck transports in the EU, for example, could be electrified in the near future.

In the future, electric vehicles would be able to handle even long-distance heavy transports. Volvo Trucks intends to use hydrogen fuel cells to produce energy in order to satisfy the demanding demands for both high load capacity and a much longer range.

“This technology is developing rapidly and our ambition is also to make the long driving distances electrified, using both batteries and fuel cells. Our aim is to start selling fuel-cell electric trucks in the second part of this decade and we are confident we can make this happen.”

Roger Alm
Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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