Vopak ready to store green ammonia at Dutch Vlissingen

Vopak is getting ready to store green ammonia at the Vlissingen terminal right now.

For this purpose, two 55,000 cbm capacity chilled LPG storage tanks already in existence can be adapted. There is access to berths, pipelines, and other facilities. There is room for growth and new manufacturing uses, such as a device to recycle the ammonia into clean hydrogen. It will be linked to the Northwest European hydrogen network, allowing for the supply of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

Vopak Terminal Vlissingen’s prime location in the North Sea Port in the Scheldt-Delta region makes it an ideal shipping hub. The Smart Delta Resources consortium represents the region’s industries, making it the largest hydrogen cluster in the Benelux. Furthermore, the Dutch component accounts for more than 20% of all industrial CO2 emissions in the Netherlands. Attaining the Dutch climate goals can benefit greatly by adopting a sustainable approach.

Although the Netherlands do produce green hydrogen, it will be necessary to import substantial quantities of green hydrogen into Northwest Europe to satisfy projected demand. For this purpose, green ammonia as a hydrogen carrier will be crucial. Green hydrogen may be securely transported in huge quantities when it is reacted with nitrogen to produce green ammonia, which can then be stored and transformed back to green hydrogen. Green ammonia has multiple applications, including as a raw material for the manufacture of fertilizer and as a CO2-free shipping fuel.

The level of interest in a potential investment is one factor that will be considered when making a final choice.