VSUN to build $300M PV industrial park in Vietnam


VSUN has signed a $300 million investment agreement with Hoà Phú Industrial Zone in Bắc Giang, to build a 42 acre PV industrial park that will have a 4GW production capacity.

The VSUN PV industrial park benefits from the strong political climate and industrial union resources of the zone. It’s close to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, and about 20 minutes’ drive from Hanoi airport.

The VSUN PV industrial park will be built from 2021 to 2022. After completion, the annual capacity value is expected to reach $1.5 billion, attracting partners from the entire manufacturing chain, creating more than 2000 job opportunities and contributing effectively to local economic development.

Phase I construction covers an area of 90000 square meters for 2GW high-efficiency solar cells. Construction Phase II covers an area of 77109 square meters for high-efficiency 4GW solar modules.

Construction is scheduled to begin in Q2 2021.

In the near future, the VSUN PV industrial park will purchase advanced industrial equipment and implement advanced technology for the development of high-efficiency modules and 210, 182mm PERC and HJT cells. It is planned with the entire production line, including solar cell production, solar module assembly, quality control, raw materials and logistics. It can help meet the global demand of consumers, boost cost efficiency and reinforce the clusters of emerging PV and high technology industries.

“VSUN PV industrial park will improve global supply capacity, high-efficiency solar module manufacturing and the whole industrial chain. We will implement innovation, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in mapping out our global manufacturing strategy. The plan to list in the US is to support our global expansion and create value for our customers. Meanwhile, VSUN actively undertake the corporate social responsibility, endeavor to meet the expectations from other society fields on VSUN.”

Nedim Husomanovic

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