We are implementing Turkey’s first hydrogen valley project, minister says

With the implementation of Turkey’s first hydrogen valley project in Balkesir, according to Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, “we will have developed the hydrogen economy in a different dimension in the Southern Marmara region, which is the leader in renewable energy installed power.”

At the inaugural ceremonies for the Havran Science and Technology Center and the Southern Marmara Development Agency Projects, Varank expressed his happiness to be in Balkesir, the hometown of Koca Seyit, one of the heroes of the National Struggle.

Varank, who announced that Turkey’s hydrogen plant would be built, claimed that the project, worth roughly 37 million euros and overseen by the Southern Marmara Development Agency, was eligible for EU funding (EU).

Following that, Minister Varank said the following:

“We will undertake Turkey’s first hydrogen valley project using the Southern Marmara Hydrogen Valley Project, which was established by a consortium of 16 participants. The EU will grant us 7.5 million euros as part of this initiative, which is the largest sum we have ever received from an EU project at once. With the completion of this project, we will have advanced the hydrogen economy in the Southern Marmara region, which leads the world in installed renewable energy capacity. Balkesir will begin to produce at least 500 tons of hydrogen yearly, along with its derivatives like methanol and ammonia, which Turkey currently imports. We assert that this initiative, which will advance green development and serve as a model for Turkey and Europe as a whole, will be fortunate for Balkesir and our nation.”

“Turkey’s economy will be among the top 10 in the world.”

Varank stated that he visited significant factories in Balkesir and that they continue to strive toward the goal of a large and powerful Turkey under the direction of President Recep Tayyip Erdoan.

According to Varank, who reportedly went to the Same Deutz-Fahr Tractor Factory, he said:

“Although it is an Italian brand, it has been available in our nation for ten years. He used to import his engines and put them together here. Turkey will currently construct 95 percent of its fifth-generation tractor engines at Balkesir. We wish you luck. Additionally, Karesi Tekstil will begin manufacturing polymer chips at Bandrma OIZ in Balkesir, one of Turkey’s most significant imports. Currently, a swift investment of billions of pounds is being made. They should begin their first production this year, perhaps.”

Varank emphasized that they are traveling the road with a President who sets ambitious objectives and relentlessly pursues them in order to improve this nation.

“We have set for ourselves a significant objective as Turkey. Turkey will have one of the top 10 economies in the world, we predicted. We are making every effort to accomplish this, and we will keep doing so. We at the Ministry of Industry and Technology are committed to developing an ecosystem that will support economic growth in our nation that is wholesome, sustainable, and value-added as well as technological advancements. We are in your presence today to officially open eight projects that strengthen this ecosystem and were funded by the Southern Marmara Development Agency and Havran Science and Technology Center.

By servicing Balkesir and its surroundings, the Havran Science and Technology Center has already begun to accelerate scientific and technological advancements. This facility brings together students and professors from all around Balkesir, as well as from the close-by provinces of Anakale and Izmir. Three experimental sets in fields including robotic coding, 135D printer modeling, physics, chemistry, biology, manufacturing skills, and model aircraft are located in our science center, which has a confined space of 1000 square meters. Our students combine the experience they learn in class with the theoretical information they acquire through these experimental setups.”

Varank thanked everyone who helped bring this location to the city and mentioned that preparation work was also done at the facility for TEKNOFEST and science fairs.

“We mine almost 40 tons of gold annually.”

Varank noted in reference to the mining of gold, “Prior to the AK Party government, it was a field that had never been explored. We currently mine and supply the economy with close to 40 tons of gold annually. One of the most important topics for both business and growth is mining.”

Varank continued, referring to the requirement to harvest gold reserves:

“I give mining a lot of thought. We place a lot of value on gold mining, and I always try to discuss it in the pulpit. Some people have criticized me. “Are you an enemy of nature?” they ask. Do you against the environment? No, of course not; however, if you are carrying out your duties properly and in accordance with the law, you can be confident that keeping the gold buried is nothing more than a fool’s errand. Why shouldn’t we mine gold if Canada, America, and other developed Western nations do it today? As long as we adhere to the guidelines and take the appropriate action. So let’s do it right. So let’s apply these principles to our economy. TÜMAD Madencilik is one of the businesses that perform the most accurately in this regard. It is a mining firm whose accomplishments have been recognized by the UN as well as Turkey. They have handled it well so far. I hope they won’t make us seem bad in the future.”

Varank asked all residents to take part in the TEKNOFEST festivities that will be held in Izmir, Istanbul, and Ankara in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Republic.

According to Varank, development organizations play a significant role in identifying local potential “Our Southern Marmara Development Agency has successfully completed significant projects in Balkesir in this regard. In the upcoming times, I hope that these autographs will continue. We will formally launch 25 initiatives today, each with an $8 million budget.”

With the help of 7 million liras, there are now 785 OIZs in Balkesir.

In Balkesir, which is conducive to growth and development, Minister Varank noted that they support the development of industry and technology “We are doing a lot of effort to create in this city a welcoming business environment that promotes investment and employment. With the help of a loan we gave for 7 million liras, we expanded the number of OIZs in our city from 3 in 2002 to 785 at the present time. Ongoing work on new ones.”

“I genuinely believe that with the correct policies and procedures, our city will make enormous contributions to the “Turkish Century” as an important industrial hub,” Varank remarked when describing the projects that have been implemented in Balkesir.

Varank highlighted the significance of the 2023 elections by saying, “We feel that if you continue to support our President as you have up until this point, you will make the best decision by conducting the proper assessments in 2023. We have faith in the people who live in Havran and in Balkesir. Together, let’s create the “Century of Turkey.”

After the speech, Minister Varank was given an “astrolabe,” a traditional measuring tool used in astronomy measurements, by Hasan Yücel, general manager of TÜMAD Madencilik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.

Later, the projects were opened after cutting the ribbon. The Havran Science and Technology Center was visited by Minister Varank and the members of the accompanying protocol team.

Varank conversed with the workers at the industries he visited as part of the Balkesir program, including the Same Deutz-Fahr Tractor Factory, MKS Devo, Karesi Tekstil, and Gönenli Milk and Dairy Products, by getting information from the authorities.

AK Party Balkesir Deputies Pakize Mutlu Aydemir, smail Ok, Adil elik, Yavuz Subaş, and Mustafa Canbey, Southern Marmara Development Agency Secretary General Abdullah Güç, AK Party Provincial Chairman Ekrem Başaran, and district mayors were in attendance with Minister Varank.

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