SoCalGas opens hydrogen-powered home

The two-story home on Firestone Blvd. in Downey has a simple design and xeriscaping, like many modern homes in California.

The [H2] Innovation Experience is the first residence in the nation to use a hydrogen-fueled microgrid that uses solar panels to generate hydrogen from water with zero emissions. Hydrogen from a fuel cell powers lights and electronics and is mixed with natural gas to power a tankless water heater, clothes dryer, range top, oven, fireplace, and barbeque.

SoCalGas aims to be carbon neutral by 2045, the same year California aims to be net zero. The [H2] Innovation Experience could help decarbonize SoCalGas, which supplies half of California’s natural gas.

Pohang subsidize purchase of hydrogen electric vehicle

Pohang City, North Gyeongsang Province stated it will subsidize the acquisition of 61 vehicles, including 55 hydrogen passenger vehicles and 6 hydrogen-powered buses.

The city will spend 3.89 billion won and support 32.5 million hydrogen cars and 350 million solid hydrogen buses.

Corporations and organizations with headquarters, branches, or factories in Pohang and adults over 18 who have lived in Pohang for 90 days are eligible to apply.

After verifying exclusion reasons by December 8, applications will be selected in order (when project funds are exhausted).

Purchasers can submit purchase support application documentation when signing a hydrogen car purchase contract.

Buyers must drive for two years. The vehicle is canceled and cannot be renamed during mandated operation.

In case of unavoidable circumstances, if prior clearance is acquired from Pohang City, it can be sold to individuals, individual enterprises, or corporations domiciled in Pohang within the obligatory operation term.

Kristiansund Energihub and Norwegian Hydrogen to establish hydrogen refueling stations

A collaboration agreement between Kristiansund Energihub and Norwegian Hydrogen AS aims to build a hydrogen refueling station in Kristiansund Naeringspark. The shared objective is to enable heavy transportation in the area to operate with zero emissions.

The business district next to Kristiansund Airport will house the new Kristiansund Energihub. This will serve as a regional hub for heavy transport, and will house bus depots, huge auto repair facilities, and a number of logistics companies.

Both Norwegian Hydrogen and Kristiansund Energihub are now hoping that local and regional transport operators will start to see hydrogen as a fuel.

The parties involved in the partnership between Kristiansund Energihub and Norwegian Hydrogen will also take into account both local hydrogen production as well as potential future destinations for such partnerships.

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