INNIO’s Jenbacher engines to power hyperscale data center

Winthrop Technologies has chosen the Jenbacher engine technology from INNIO to power a 60 megawatt (MW) hyperscale data center in Dublin, Ireland.

22 containerized Jenbacher engines from INNIO will be delivered; these engines can be modified to run on hydrogen when it becomes more widely available. With 60 MW of continuous rated power production and EU emission standards compliance, the Jenbacher engines will be used.

In times of increased demand, the power plant will also be utilized to stabilize the system and boost the production of renewable energy. The Jenbacher engines, which run on pipeline gas, produce up to 90% fewer NOx emissions and up to 25% fewer CO2 emissions than conventional diesel generators. In Q3 2023, the greenfield project is anticipated to be finished.

Saldanha Bay IDZ’s shows green hydrogen ambitions

Saldanha Bay is a prime investment location, according to the Freeport Saldanha Industrial Development Zone (SBIDZ), for a competitive green hydrogen and derivatives production hub.

According to the report, the infrastructure of Freeport Saldanha, the Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) deep-water port in the area, and ArcelorMittal Saldanha’s development of renewable energy are all significant benefits for the development of clean energy.

A delegation that included representatives from the presidency and TNPA officials visited SBIDZ on Monday as part of “Re-industrializing Saldanha” Day. This was before the first-ever Green Hydrogen Summit, which began on Monday in Cape Town.

The tour included an overview of the pilot projects chosen for the area to show its support for South Africa’s Just Energy Transition (JET) and the JET Investment Plan (JET-IP), as well as for the creation of a sustainable hydrogen economy.

Next Hydrogen Announces Strategic CFO Hire

On December 12, 2022, Rohan Advani will start working for the organization as its chief financial officer. Kasia Malz, who is leaving the company to pursue other interests, will be replaced by Rohan. Ms. Malz will stay with the company until January 2, 2023, and she will continue to serve in an advisory capacity after that to ensure a smooth transition.

Mr. Advani has held positions at Magna International, Ecolab, Canadian Tire, and KPMG in addition to having extensive financial and leadership experience in the manufacturing sector. He joins Next Hydrogen with this background. In his most recent position, Rohan oversaw the financial operations for a $500 million division while serving as the finance department leader at Magna International. Mr. Advani has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Toronto and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Green hydrogen research facility run by Enel Green Power

supporting new technology development, testing, and validation for the production, storage, and transportation of green hydrogen among startups.
This is the aim of the acceleration program “Nexthy Booster Program,” which Enel Green Power unveiled at the #SIOS22 Sicily Edition and is intended for early-stage startups and small- and medium-sized businesses in the green hydrogen industry.

Enel will offer funding, technical know-how, and its network of contacts abroad, assisting startups in their growth and enabling them to form alliances with all of the Group’s business lines and the major players operating in this industry.

Currently, 99 percent of hydrogen is produced using fossil fuels due to the high cost of green hydrogen generation technology.

The Nexthy Booster Program aims to provide assistance in the creation of economically sustainable technologies.

Enel Green Power’s Hydrogen Industrial Lab, an industrial-scale innovation lab, will be built between the municipalities of Sortino and Carlentini, in Syracuse, in the upcoming years. It is crucial for the decarbonization of industrial sectors where direct electrification is not technically feasible or economically advantageous.

Order placed for Methanol-to-Hydrogen Reformer Systems

RIX Industries has announced it has secured an order for its methanol-to-hydrogen (M2H2) reformer systems from US-based Maritime Partners for the creation of the “world’s first” methanol/hydrogen-powered towboat.

Ten RIX M2H2 Series systems, which are stated to do away with the need for onboard high-pressure gas or cryogenic liquid hydrogen storage, will be delivered to Maritime Partners as part of the contract.

In order to power the vessel’s PEM fuel cells, RIX claims that its system, which incorporates technology licensed from Element 1, can produce high-purity hydrogen with no NOx, SOx, or particulate matter.

Hyundai Glovis promotes environmentally responsible sales of electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles

Hyundai Glovis declared its intention to add new value to the sustainable energy sector by launching the new eco-friendly corporate brand “ECOH.” Building a hydrogen value chain in all sectors, including manufacturing, storage, transit, and supply, is a strategy that takes advantage of the traits of a business specializing in supply chain management.

The business began by inking a deal with government agencies and associated businesses for the growth of the hydrogen distribution industry, and it is now supplying hydrogen to charging stations across the country utilizing tube trailers. Electric vehicle-based eco-friendly logistics services are also being actively developed.

The company has been introducing and using electric trucks in the cold chain system since last year. It has also created and patented a special recovery container that can transport electric vehicle batteries effectively after use. The company also runs a logistics company for the rental and recovery of electric vehicle batteries.

The “Hydrogen Ecosystem” is expanded by Hyundai Rotem K2 Tank in Europe

According to Hyundai Rotem’s analysis, the fourth domestic K2 mass production and the rise in export quantities will act as stepping stones for the expansion of the order backlog and performance.

On the 30th, SK Securities upped its target price for Hyundai Rotem from 34,000 won to 36,000 won while maintaining its investment opinion.

“The K2 tank, which began to be put into service in Korea in 2014, has been mass-produced in the first phase, 106 units in the second phase, and is currently producing and deploying 54 units in the third mass production,” explained Na Seung-doo, a researcher at SK Securities.

Wrightbus’ hydrogen buses achieve 1.5 million miles

Since they first went into service, Wrightbus’ fleet of hydrogen fuel-cell buses has covered an incredible 1.5 million miles.

In comparison to trips taken by an equivalent diesel bus, the Ballymena-based company’s latest achievement shows that its fleet of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles has prevented 2,366 tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from entering the atmosphere.

The StreetDeck Hydroliner, the first hydrogen-powered double-deck bus in the world, was first unveiled by Wrightbus in Aberdeen in 2020. These buses began carrying passengers in January of the following year.

Westwood adds Director of Hydrogen

The specialized energy industry research and consulting firm Westwood Global Energy Group (Westwood) announces the appointment of Joyce Grigorey as Director of Hydrogen.

Joyce has worked in the research and consulting industries for 15 years, and she has experience in a variety of natural resource sectors, including energy, petrochemicals, plastics, oil refining and gas, and shipping.

She was a member of the hydrogen consulting team at Wood Mackenzie, where she also made a substantial contribution to the growth of the chemicals research business. She now works at Westwood.

Aberdeen launches consultation for new green hydrogen hub

A new green hydrogen production, storage, and distribution plant is driven by renewable energy have begun taking public input in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The goals of a joint venture between British Petroleum and Aberdeen City Council are the design, construction, and operation of a solar-powered hub with a hydrogen vehicle refueling station.

Despite being on different sites, the proposed production plant and solar farm would be connected by an underground grid connection.

The project intends to assist the regional government in its efforts to build a “climate-positive” metropolis.

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