Westech and Plug Power to accelerate hydrogen fuel cell adoption

Image: Westech

Westech Industrial and Plug Power have formed a strategic alliance to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen fuel cells as an alternative energy source in Western Canada.

Westech will be the authorized sales and service channel for Plug Power’s GenSure LP Fuel Cell product suite in Western Canada. For over 50 years, Westech has been a trusted industry partner for innovative analytical process control and instrumentation solutions to Canadian industries.

Plug Power, a leading provider of green hydrogen solutions and a globally recognized leader in the hydrogen fuel cell market, will complement Westech’s portfolio of world-class technology manufacturers by providing trusted local support, accelerating the adoption of hydrogen and fuel cell technology.

The GenSure products from Plug Power provide zero-emission, robust, and dependable backup power. The fuel cell products from GenSure are powered by industrial-grade hydrogen. They can provide hundreds of hours of runtime between refueling visits and many years of service for critical equipment at a reasonable cost. When compared to combustion generators, the simple maintenance required for GenSure LP systems means fewer site visits and up to 84 percent lower operational costs. When compared to traditional backup power sources, GenSure is the more cost-effective option in terms of total cost of ownership.

Nedim Husomanovic

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