Westport to invest $10M in Changzhou Hydrogen Valley

In order to support the future growth of Westport’s hydrogen componentry business and other alternative fuel system technologies, Westport Fuel Systems intends to increase its worldwide manufacturing presence in China. Westport is concentrating on China for this industrial growth as China is the global leader in infrastructure development and investment in hydrogen.

The Changzhou Hydrogen Valley will house the new hydrogen innovation center and manufacturing plant, according to the investment agreement.

Since more than 10 years ago, Westport has had a significant presence in the Chinese market with its GFI-branded hydrogen fuel system components, which support both fuel cell and internal combustion engine applications that use hydrogen fuel. The city of Changzhou is committed to becoming the center of the new energy industries, which makes them an excellent growth partner and offers the chance to establish manufacturing excellence on a regional basis. This, in turn, helps our international customers advance hydrogen as the preeminent low-emission transportation option.

CEO of Westport Fuel Systems David M. Johnson
In accordance with the conditions of the investment agreement, Westport and Changzhou will design and build a factory for hydrogen fuel systems as well as office space tailored to Westport’s needs for advanced manufacturing. As part of Westport’s objective to provide unique, specialized, and market-ready emission-reduction solutions, the Changzhou location is anticipated to include a modern innovation center that will continue to focus on hydrogen solutions.

The goal of Westport’s intention to invest up to $10 million over the next ten years is to enable the development of established hydrogen componentry to serve the rapidly expanding hydrogen-fueled vehicles envisioned for use in China.

The new Westport facility is anticipated to begin operations in 2024 and provide essential hydrogen components for a range of applications, including commercial vehicles, buses, high-speed trains, material handling, stationary power generation, and more, to Westport’s existing and expanding customer base. Westport’s investment in Changzhou is a step toward the global progress of hydrogen technology.

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