Wildegg-Brugg to start hydrogen production in 2024

The Wildegg-Brugg hydroelectric power station, which is being planned by Axpo, will manufacture green hydrogen from hydroelectric power by the spring of 2024.

A portion of this environmentally beneficial hydrogen will be sent straight to the adjacent Voegtlin-Meyer gas station, aiding in the decarbonization of the transportation industry.

Around 2,000 tons of green hydrogen will be produced annually by electrolysis at Axpo’s proposed 15 MW hydrogen production facility in Wildegg-Brugg. The adjacent hydroelectric power plant Wildegg-Brugg will provide all of the energy required for manufacturing.

Direct access to the power plant allows for the environmentally beneficial manufacturing of hydrogen. A new pipeline will carry some of the hydrogen to the adjacent Voegtlin-Meyer refueling station.

At its hydrogen filling station in the future, Voegtlin-Meyer will make green hydrogen accessible to consumers in the neighborhood. IBB also intends to utilize the electrolysis waste heat and supply this green energy to nearby industries.

Canton of Aargau cooperation

A joint agreement of understanding was signed in November 2021 by Axpo, Voegtlin-Meyer, IBB, and the city of Brugg for the building of the hydrogen production facility and the pipeline to the neighboring filling station.

300 vehicles or buses may be powered annually by roughly 2,000 tons of renewable hydrogen. Therefore, the initiative will significantly lower CO2 emissions in the transportation industry.