The municipality is exploring the possibilities of using hydrogen to generate energy. There is already an entrepreneur who wants to build a hydrogen filling station in Venlo.

It is Vissers Energy Group from Horst. The developments surrounding the alternative energy source are still in their infancy. Sustainability alderman Marij Pollux sees Venlo as a future hub in the hydrogen infrastructure. We are of course already a logistics hotspot. Here in Venlo, transport by water, rail and road come together.’ There are already concrete developments. Vissers Energy Group wants to realize a hydrogen filling station in Venlo. This would allow transport in and around Venlo to run emission-free in the future. The municipality is supporting a subsidy application from Vissers Energy Group. The entrepreneur does not yet want to say more about the exact plans for the hydrogen filling station.

The development of hydrogen as an energy source is not yet very advanced. Hydrogen can be generated with electricity. The substance can reach a high temperature and is therefore suitable for industrial applications, for example. Furthermore, hydrogen contains no carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide and therefore has a minimal greenhouse effect. Hydrogen can therefore be much more sustainable than other fuels in transport or industry. But everything depends on the source of that energy. If it is derived from coal or gas, the hydrogen is indirectly just as polluting. Moreover, a lot of energy is lost when solar or wind energy (if it concerns green hydrogen) or energy from coal and gas (if it concerns hydrogen that is not green) is converted into hydrogen.

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Nedim Husomanovic

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