Windcat places order fro hydrogen-powered CSOV

Windcat has placed an order with Damen Shipyards for the construction of a series of hydrogen-powered Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOVs).

The Damen Shipyards, in conjunction with Windcat and CMB.TECH, created the “Elevation Series” CSOVs. In comparison to current vessels, the outcome is a completely new design with greater capacities and flexibility. The 87 m long, 20 m broad, 120 person capacity, and hydrogen-powered propulsion of the vessels. From 2025 on, the series will be delivered.

Vietnam’s Ha Long Shipyard will construct the CSOVs, which will then be shipped to Windcat Offshore, a newly formed division of Windcat that will specialize on offshore energy commissioning and services. With the possibility of ordering more, two vessels have been ordered so far.

A CSOV is a boat that stays in an offshore wind farm for a long time—up to 30 days—providing supplies and lodging technicians in hotel-style quarters.

Windcat and CMB.TECH will equip the Elevation Series with the same dual fuel hydrogen technology found on board the Hydrocat, the first CTV powered by hydrogen, in order to dramatically lower the CO2 footprint of the vessels (Crew Transfer Vessel). This strategy will be extremely important in helping to define the laws and regulations governing the use of hydrogen as a fuel in medium-sized vessels.

In addition to additional market-leading features that will be revealed in the coming weeks, the Elevation Series will be fitted with the most recent gangway, crane, thrusters, hybrid battery technology, and offshore charging capability.