Wolftank and ARTHUR to develop Mobile hydrogen refueling systems for public transport

Mobile hydrogen refueling systems for public transportation are part of the expanded product offering by Wolftank Group and ARTHUR BUS. The Wolftank Group and ARTHUR BUS have reached a deal for the continued development and supply of portable hydrogen tank containers.

For operators of public transportation, the lack of infrastructure for hydrogen refueling presents significant obstacles in the event that they decide to transition to emission-free vehicles. As an added service to clients, vehicle manufacturers, therefore, use a package deal that also includes a refueling option when buying a hydrogen vehicle.

“We have purposely designed unique and adaptable tank systems that are suited for a wide range of circumstances thanks to our decades of experience in hydrogen technologies. Today, providing affordable and immediately useable refueling options is essential, especially given the increasing spread of sustainable mobility. The combination with automobile sales provides straightforward coverage for demand wherever it occurs. We appreciate that ARTHUR BUS, a pioneer in this field, chose a collaborative approach. This is a further step in implementing our plan to actively work on building the infrastructure for emission-free mobility across the globe “Peter Werth, CEO of Wolftank Group, makes this statement.

Co-Founder and CEO of ARTHUR BUS Philipp Glonner say: “Competitive solutions are still required, particularly in local public transportation. Operators’ access to a wider variety of goods and services is possible. That is the goal of our brand-new hydrogen bus and refueling system. We are the first manufacturer to assure that our buses are ready for immediate usage, while our customers may concentrate on their primary business.”

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