World’s first hydrogen-powered house


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Hans Olof Nilsson, a Swedish sexagenarian, has created the world’s first completely self-sufficient house, powered by the sun and hydrogen, in the outskirts of Gothenburg, Sweden.

The smart house has 160 square meters of solar panels that provide it with electricity all year. The surplus electricity is used to operate a hydrogen fuel cell when the need for energy is lessened.

Nilsson, an industrial engineer, has an electrolyser that allows him to produce and store hydrogen.

In addition to being energy self-sufficient, the house has some unique technology that allows him to optimize the inside temperature and save a significant amount of energy.

Since March 2015, his home has been off the grid. The Swedish authorities are charmed by this approach’s inventiveness.

In 2017, the municipality of Vagarda decided to enlist Nilsson’s help in renovating 172 social housing units. These homes are expected to utilise the same technologies as Nilsson’s home.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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