XCMG Delivers 100 Hydrogen Trucks

As part of the 1,000-unit order for hydrogen trucks that was previously signed with Sino-Synergy Hydrogen Energy Technology, XCMG has delivered a batch of 100 hydrogen-fueled trucks to the end client Mengxi Zhenghe Group. These trucks will help with the group’s construction of a mine near Ordos in China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

In Xuzhou, the three businesses organized a celebration to commemorate the delivery. In accordance with a strategic cooperation plan, XCMG will provide Sino-Synery with more than 1,000 hydrogen-fueled trucks overall by 2025. Sino-Synery is a leading hydrogen fuel cell company in China that has established numerous industry firsts in terms of industrialization, scale, and market share. The agreement is a crucial component of XCMG’s attempts to solidify its position as a leader in the nation’s hydrogen-fueled green energy transportation sector.

According to Luo Dong, Deputy General Manager of Mengxi Zhenghe Group, the deal’s final customer, “We are convinced that adopting XCMG’s hydrogen-fueled heavy truck can produce a safe, efficient, economical, and low-carbon transportation service for the majority of mining locations.” “This is yet another significant order for such huge trucks from XCMG in bulk.”

The big trucks from XCMG that run on hydrogen have a 110kW power output and a multi-gear automatic manual gearbox (AMT). The truck has an XCMG-developed drive motor that boasts an efficiency of over 97% and has a substantial range of more than 450km. The vehicle and its components have been found to be well suited to the extremely cold temperatures and steep slope terrain that occur in mining locations after undergoing hundreds of hours of hardware and software tests.

Using 100 of these hydrogen fuel cell vehicles at 50,000 kilometers per year will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 7,950 tons when compared to gas-powered vehicles, according to calculations based on operational data. Both the economy and society will profit from this.

In 2020, XCMG unveiled its first hydrogen-powered heavy truck, marking the start of its journey to become a leader in the use of hydrogen energy technology. Both parties have been closely collaborating over the past two years to introduce a line of heavy trucks that run on hydrogen and have “leading technology and indestructible use,” making them ideal for use in the mining industry.