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Xodus and Unique Metals in green hydrogen development in Australia


One of Australia’s leading companies, Xodus, and the metals manufacturing company Unique Metals, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that aims to help the country achieve its goal of net-zero emissions.

The fabrication of green metals using HyMetals is a first for Australia. On-site mobility is provided by forklifts as well as on-site power generation from hydrogen and oxygen production for laser cutting machinery and use. Xodus and Unique Metals will work together to design the project and examine the company’s current emissions profile and the potential impact of the proposal as part of the MoU.

Rooftop solar energy can be rebalanced and optimized with the help of new HyMetals, allowing the company to turn water into hydrogen, which can be used when solar energy isn’t available. In addition, there will be no waste because the oxygen produced by the process will be captured and used in manufacturing activities such as laser cutting and oxyacetylene welding.

First, the site will be powered and decarbonized by using hydrogen produced on site, with all machinery operating in the facility to be replaced by hydrogen fuel cells, and forklifts to be fueled by hydrogen. As a result of the second phase, commercial-scale refueling infrastructure will be viable, allowing the facility to join the state’s hydrogen refueling network with a station.

Phase one of construction will begin in 2022, with phase two expected to begin in 2025.

HyMetals plans to create a hydrogen energy ecosystem that will produce 65 tonnes of green hydrogen, 20,000 MWh of green hydrogen for manufacturing, seven tonnes of green hydrogen that can be used for transportation, and 500 tonnes of pure green oxygen annually.

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